The Class Of The Infield -- Why The Class B Should Be The RV You Buy For Your NASCAR Weekends

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So you still love to party in the NASCAR infield but you've grown out of the idea of camping and are now considering buying a recreational vehicle or RV like so many other fans have. While camping is by far one of the cheapest ways to take part in all of the fun and festivities that occur at a NASCAR race, it can be difficult to stay warm, for example, at the races that occur early or late in the season.

3 March 2015

Stay Safe On The Road With Smaller Winter Tires


Custom wheels look cool, with their dazzling rims and over-sized tires. They usually are not suited for winter driving, though. During the cold months of the year, stay safe by replacing your car's tricked-out wheels with smaller winter tires. Not Just Snow Tires Many drivers in cold climates that see little precipitation forgo winter tires, which are often thought to be specifically for driving in snow and ice. Quoting Joerg Burfien, an Edmunds.

5 February 2015

Celebrating Something Special Or Simply Need A Ride To The Airport? Hire One Of These Limos And Travel In Style

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Limousines were once the domain of the elite; a not-so-subtle announcement that someone important was inside. These classic cars still cater to that niche, whether for airport transport or just to get around town. In the modern world, more people are warming up to the idea of being "royalty for a day" as they sit back and enjoy a limousine's luxurious ride. A few of the more popular limo models are listed below.

26 January 2015

Buying An Air Conditioner Or Heater For Your Sleeper Cab? A Couple Of Important Considerations To Keep In Mind

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Anti-idling laws, designed to save fuel and limit harmful emissions, are in effect all across the United States. There are a myriad of local, state and federal regulations that affect the length of time that idling is allowed and that also define acceptable idling reasons. Unfortunately, from a truck driver's perspective, anti-idling laws can be at-odds with the comfort of drivers who are resting. Traditionally, drivers have depended upon the power provided by idling diesel engines to operate sleeper cab heating and cooling equipment; without that source of power, drivers are now seeking alternative means of powering their heaters and air conditioners during their off hours.

20 January 2015

What To Consider When Shopping For Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Any person who has roadside assistance and experienced a car breakdown knows how good it feels to have such coverage. This is because these plans usually provide protection for unexpected events such as flat tire changes at affordable rates. However, choosing which type of coverage to buy can be challenging as several factors must be considered. This article gives you tips on how to shop for roadside assistance plans. Do you already have some level of coverage?

13 January 2015