Celebrating Something Special Or Simply Need A Ride To The Airport? Hire One Of These Limos And Travel In Style

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Limousines were once the domain of the elite; a not-so-subtle announcement that someone important was inside. These classic cars still cater to that niche, whether for airport transport or just to get around town. In the modern world, more people are warming up to the idea of being "royalty for a day" as they sit back and enjoy a limousine's luxurious ride. A few of the more popular limo models are listed below. Some are true to their luxurious roots, while others would be unrecognizable to limousine users a century ago.

The Luxury Sedans

Typically using top of the line Cadillacs or Lincolns, the luxury sedan limousine is one of the most common vehicles found in airport transportation and executive transport pools. This limo is built on the normal chassis, and not stretched, or lengthened, at all. It does have all the bells and whistles, including leather seating, lots of storage for luggage, room to seat three passengers comfortably and a smiling chauffeur to wheel you around town.

Stretch and Super Stretch Limousines

Once you start extending the wheelbase on a car it opens up all sorts of possibilities. Yes, executives and celebrities do enjoy the extra space; just watch the red carpet arrivals at the Oscars. But these limos are also booked by wedding parties, anniversary and bachelor party goers and anyone else that wants the party to start before they get to their destination. Both the stretch and super stretch limos come in various colors and models, including SUVs..

The Stretch

The basic stretch is more common, and the one you're more likely to see transporting people to and from the airport. It looks like a regular sedan with an extra body panel added. Seating varies, usually from six to eight people depending on the configuration. Adding just another row of seats usually makes it a six-seater. Curving the interior seating so it hugs the back interior gives room for two more passengers. Common amenities include a wet bar, TV, high-end stereo and tinted windows. Most also have a glass panel that separates the driver's compartment from the passengers, which can be raised or lowered at will.

The Super Stretch

Super stretch limos not only require another body panel, or sometimes two, they usually need an extra rear axle to support the additional weight. Seating wraps around the interior of the passenger compartment so everyone can face each other. It usually offers the amenities listed in the stretch, and then some. The wet bar becomes a full bar. You usually have more than one TV and the stereo system is even better. Fiber optics lighting is often used to accent the interior. If you are a bride with a wide, full gown, and/or a long train, a super stretch can handle the extra material without crushing it. The entire wedding party can ride together if you wish.

Hummer Limousines

The Hummer limousine is a stretch limo with attitude. This is one your grandfather would probably shake his head at, especially if it went rolling by in a blinding shade of lipstick pink or neon green. The practical side is that the Hummer, a civilian version of the military's Humvee, can go almost anywhere. In addition to the posh amenities already described, some of these limos have karaoke machines, poker tables and multiple oversized flat-screen TVs. Think about it. You and a dozen friends could watch the Super Bowl while sipping drinks and munching on treats, all while motoring on down the highway. For you executives out there, the Hummer limo also comes in black, letting you be a bit more discrete on those necessary airport runs. Sort of.


26 January 2015

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