The Class Of The Infield -- Why The Class B Should Be The RV You Buy For Your NASCAR Weekends

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So you still love to party in the NASCAR infield but you've grown out of the idea of camping and are now considering buying a recreational vehicle or RV like so many other fans have. While camping is by far one of the cheapest ways to take part in all of the fun and festivities that occur at a NASCAR race, it can be difficult to stay warm, for example, at the races that occur early or late in the season. And it can get downright toasty during the summer months. But what type of RV from a place like Fretz RV should you consider purchasing?

The Cost Factor

While you may have been eyeballing the huge rigs that the NASCAR drivers own, the best can cost up to $2 million. Basically, rolling homes on wheels, these RVs are equipped with all the bells and whistles, including flat-screen TVs and granite countertops. Even a low-end model, like the one driven by Sprint Cup driver Michael McDowell, can cost $200,000. More than likely, you are probably looking for something a little more affordable and little smaller than those huge homes on wheels. If so, an excellent choice is a Class B RV.

What is a Class B RV?

A Class B RV is also known as a van conversion. These vehicles -- as the name implies -- are built upon a van chassis, which means that they drive more like a regular passenger vehicle than, say, a Class A motorhome. It is also the smallest of the three types of motorhomes. According to USA Today, a Class B motorhome can fit in most driveways and are easier to maneuver in tight situations.  The other two types of motorhomes are the:

  • Class A motorhomes. These are the largest models -- the type that the NASCAR drivers typically stay in at the track. These huge vehicles are usually built on a commercial truck or a bus chassis, which means that some people find them a little more difficult to drive. Class A motorhomes are also more expensive to operate, as they burn through fuel. But these vehicles typically feature all of the amenities of a home, including multiple sleeping areas and nice bathrooms and kitchen areas.  
  • Class C motorhomes. These vehicles are built on either a truck or van chassis and feature an attached cab, which is why they are sometimes referred to as cab-over motorhomes. This cab area typically contains a bed, and there may also be another bed in the rear of the motorhome. Class C motorhomes also typically feature a decent size kitchen area. Because this vehicle is bigger than a Class B motorhome, it uses more gas and may not fit in the typical driveway. 

Why the Class B RV Perfect for Your NASCAR Weekends

If you are searching for a vehicle that you can spend a long weekend in during a NASCAR race that won't cost you an arm and a leg to buy and operate, the Class B RV is probably your best choice. It offers some great amenities, including: 

  • A raised roof so that you can stand up inside of the RV.
  • Small bathroom facilities. 
  • A small living room with a bed that may double as a table.
  • Kitchen facilities, including a stove, sink and refrigerator. 
  • A television and/or entertainment system

As you can see, a Class B RV will offer you many of the amenities that you can find in a much larger RV -- although everything will typically be on a much smaller scale. This is a nice step up from a tent and is perfect for two people; though it could fit up to four people, if necessary. 


3 March 2015

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