Buying An Air Conditioner Or Heater For Your Sleeper Cab? A Couple Of Important Considerations To Keep In Mind

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Anti-idling laws, designed to save fuel and limit harmful emissions, are in effect all across the United States. There are a myriad of local, state and federal regulations that affect the length of time that idling is allowed and that also define acceptable idling reasons. Unfortunately, from a truck driver's perspective, anti-idling laws can be at-odds with the comfort of drivers who are resting. Traditionally, drivers have depended upon the power provided by idling diesel engines to operate sleeper cab heating and cooling equipment; without that source of power, drivers are now seeking alternative means of powering their heaters and air conditioners during their off hours.

20 January 2015

What To Consider When Shopping For Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Any person who has roadside assistance and experienced a car breakdown knows how good it feels to have such coverage. This is because these plans usually provide protection for unexpected events such as flat tire changes at affordable rates. However, choosing which type of coverage to buy can be challenging as several factors must be considered. This article gives you tips on how to shop for roadside assistance plans. Do you already have some level of coverage?

13 January 2015