This Isn't Good: How To Tell When Your Engine Is On Its Last Legs

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If your car seems like one big mystery to you, it's time to familiarize yourself with it. Being unfamiliar with your car, especially the engine, could leave you stranded – literally. You might not realize it now, but signs are everywhere when it comes to the engine in your car. The most important signs that should never be overlooked are the ones telling you that your engine is about to die. Take a look at the list provided below. If you're facing any of those situations, it's time to get to the mechanic right away. Your engine is in dire need of repairs.

Oil Everywhere

When it comes to signs of impending engine doom, your driveway is the first place you should look. That's because your car is usually parked there for extended periods of time. An oil leak is one of the biggest signs that your engine needs help. Not just a minor one or two drops at a time kind of leak – although that's how the problem starts. This is a large puddle of oil in your driveway kind of leak. If you're noticing oil leaks whenever you have your car parked for more than a few minutes, you need to get your car to the mechanic.

Your Car is Knocking

Knocking is fine when it's at your front door. However, when it's coming from your engine, it's not such a good thing. In fact, if your engine is knocking, there's something seriously wrong with your car. In most cases, it means that your pistons and your camshaft have stopped working together. If that's the case, you need to get them on the same page as quickly as possible, or your engine is going to fail.

Your Car Has Its Own Smoke Screen

If your car has its own smoke screen, and you're not filming a movie, your engine is in need of some serious help. Smoke coming from your exhaust, or from under the hood, is usually a sign that your engine is on its last legs, especially if the problem persists. Some of the more serious issues involved with smoke from the engine include problems with the tappets and piston rings, both of which can lead to engine failure. If your car is smoking, get it to the shop as quickly as possible.

Don't wait until your engine fails. If you're experiencing any of the problems described above, have your engine services right away. For more information, contact a company like Green's Towing & Auto Repair Inc.


6 July 2018

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